Mom and I – It’s the simple things in life

I decided to keep a log of me and my mom’s funny , enlightening, and  ah ha! Moments. I’ll be adding to this as time goes on and things happen, or we have a interesting conversation.

Me: Mom I like to feel chemistry when I talk to a guy. That spark.

Mom: That not a good reason not to talk to someone. You want to feel a spark? Light a match and sit on it.


Mom: Pause

Me: Mom that’s not a pause

Mom: Yea I just like to pause random stuff.


Me: *Singing/Rapping* Grey Poupon  anything nay(Ye)  Poupon(poop on) explodes (Kanye Verse)

Mom: HUH!??


Me: Mom! I love your scarf!!!

Mom: Yea It’s a virginity scarf

Me: -_-

Mom: What?

Me: It’s called a Infiniti Scarf


Me: He is so cute but he does not have a pot to piss in

Mom: All Romance and no Finance is a Nuisance



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