My grandparents mean so much to me. My grandfather has been the best father my family could have asked for. His resilience is unmatched. As for my grandmother Dorothy A. Holmes I cannot think of not one negative moment she has ever said. Seriously. I can’t think of a moment where she has ever let anything get the best of her. Sometimes I feel like it’s not even human how positive my grandmother views every situation and looks for the light in it. So who better to create the best mother you could ask for Roletha Scott ? We have never had to ask for anything. Sometimes we wonder as we get older “how did they do that”? “how did they pull that off”? We may never know but they DID. My mothers advice has gotten me through the darkest times that I never thought I would escape from. I went a year and some change without laughing because I was so broken but with help from her I regained my happiness and hearty laugh. I would be in a place so far from where I am now had it not been for her.

I say all of this because you have to tell people how important they are while WE are all still here. Tomorrow is never promised.


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