Growing Pains+Joyous Growth

I never really cared about my birthday. Never paid attention to it. Maybe this heightened awareness is due to 28 sounding so much closer to 30, I’m not sure. Nonetheless, I’ve been trying to figure out how to sum up 27. I’m horrible with words and expressing myself so I thought I’d find some inspiration…

While perusing Elite Daily I came across something that sums up my 27th year going into 28

“Own this existence, cherish this opportunity, accept responsibility for your decisions and live up to everything you have earned.  You are going to feel discouraged.  You are going to feel beat up because that is an enormous part of being human.  Each day presents a new chance to do something great or work towards a new goal.  The pain and uncomfortable feelings you experience are signs of strength, as weakness leaves the body. Embrace it, soak it up, and encourage as much growth as possible.”


“A great, yet exceptionally difficult, part of life is continuing onward without ever knowing where you will end up.  The path will inevitably encounter fear, pain and sadness that not everyone is equipped to handle.”


I faced my demons

 Came to terms with my faults

  I became so comfortable with myself that no one can use their opinions against me. “That’s how you feel? Oh Okay” *continues life*

 I constantly self-examine myself and what changes I need to make, not let others dictate that for me

I stopped beating myself up for being imperfectly human

Became spiritually aware

I let go with love

Saying “No” became easier

I lost ones who I thought were important, and gained better friends in place of them

I removed negativity and embraced positive energy

Leaned upon my own happiness

Realized the importance of letting go of toxic friendships

And best of all…..I helped deliver my beautiful nephew

 I grew a lot and I hope to look back at this and realize I’ve only grown more….


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