Body Issues.

So I really think I’m starting to have body issues. I was 148 and now I’m 123 as of this morning. I see a difference in pics but my self image in the mirror has not changed. I don’t feel as toned on the lower part as I can be. This is highly frustrating to me. So I’ve tackled my ‘weight scale” now I am becoming obsessed at tackling my body fat percentage. Unfortunatly someone that is 150 can look much smaller than me if their bodyfat is lower than mine , which sucks because why were scales even invented then? Your body image is soley based on body fat once you reach below the 150’s. My goal is 15-19 % body fat. So here is a progress pic, it’s not inappropiate so save it. I did NOT want to post this but I had really started to let myself go. I’ll continue to update 🙂





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