Bible Reading April 14th

Exodus 13: 17,18

I only had 30 seconds or less to explain this in a comment, not enough time to mention how much it really touched me. So to my blog it is!

This really stood out to me in this week’s bible reading. We struggle on a day to day basis with chastity and making right decisions. Fortunately we are not alone. Jehovah is here to help us by guidance and lead the way through the faithful and discreet slave. It is our choice whether we want to listen or not.

I found these two versus very beneficial because Jehovah actually took into consideration the imperfections of his people. He knew that if his people were faced with Pharaoh’s army they may change their minds and turn back into slavery in Egypt out of fear. He knew that FEAR of man was indeed an imperfection. He did not prejudge or expect them to just go that route and be strong enough. He took into consideration their weaknesses and adjusted. So Jehovah took them a different route to the red sea.

I thought that was very LOVING. Had they not followed the guidance of Jehovah their decision may have very well led them back into slavery, but fortunately for them they did. I feel like Jehovah does the same today through holy spirit. For example: Chaperones. We CAN go out alone with the opposite sex, and nothing may not happen, but Matthew 26:41 reminds us of how weak our flesh really is. How wise is it to put our imperfections to the test? Also ‘Chaperone” is not even used by most people. This is very specific to our way of teaching through the slave. Jehovah knows that is a situation that our imperfections more than likely will not be able to tolerate so he has given us guidance through the faithful and discreet slave to avoid that situation. Jehovah is in a sense taking us a different route showing us a different way. Which is making sure to not being alone so we do not fall into fornication. So there may not be a physical cloud leading us in modern times but this made me evermore determined to make sure I am following Jehovah’s advice so that I may not end up in a sticky situation.

I don’t mean to come off all high and mighty but WE struggle with things EVERY SINGLE DAY, there is never a break. Satan does not take breaks! I have to constantly remind myself that Jehovah’s guidance and direction is the way in which I should walk. As imperfect humans we have so many things thrown at us. I am just so thankful for these reminders. I also want to set a personal goal of reading my magazines more to really stay on top of the great counsel the slave sends down to us.


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