I really want to delete my last post. Forgot I even posted that LOL! – I must have been drinking wine and having one of those days. Anyways while I’m letting conditioner sit in my hair I guess I will update you on my life. Life is good. It is as good as it has been in a long time. I just got back in the country a few weeks ago. I went to the DR and it was the most amazing experience ever. I mean I really did it. I set a goal in mind..I saved my money..got my passport and just went. And guess what!? I went ALONE. Well not alone alone , I met friends down there. But Janay hopped on a plane herself, only having met these group of friends once (I knew one person there for a while but guys don’t count) but I stayed with some girls I had only met once over dinner. One is Shaquay , she is from South Boston here in Va and the other is Jenny from MD. Love those girls. We were inseparable the entire trip because we vibed really well. The only thing that irked me was I can’t speak Spanish. That is next on my list. I want to learn Creole also but it’s going to be hard to learn two languages. So I decided to at least try to get a foundation in Spanish. I’m going back to school for it soon. I just made that decision by the way. I need homework to do , and classes to really learn something. Otherwise I will do it for a week and then forget all about it. The DR was so amazing. From the craziest driving I’ve ever seen, which also was the best driving- if that makes any sense. Like, the driving was HORRIBLE! But I saw not one accident…not ONE. Insane right? We visited bethel while there also. Bethel was awesome. Literally paradise. Hot weather.. beautiful beaches…ect ect. I could go on an on but I cannot wait to go back. When I got back I promise I will keep a online diary. Even if it is just a few sentences!! My genius tail forgot to take my laptop with me. I did not miss it though because electronics are so minute there….no one really raves over them. A lot of folks had their laptop and ipads though so I def will be bringing both back next time.  So I’m back home now…trying to get back in the ministry work like I was in the DR. It takes a lot more effort to go in the ministry at home vs when serving where the need is great because the whole purpose of being over there is the ministry …vs here you have to support yourself to support the ministry. So it is kind of backwards but you HAVE to make it work. Jehovah is the only one that has stuck by me and the only one I feel like has my back. I can’t fail with him. No matter what happens I have to keep him first. This is why I want to go back so I can make sure that he always stays in the forefront of whatever I’m doing. I want to be somewhere where I can serve him first and do other things second. Hopefully I can go back …wait I’m talking about the DR again. It’s sooo consuming on the soul!! It’s impossible not to talk about. LOL back to “now I’m home” — I’m going to Miami in May. **Excited**. I just hope my friend is better by the time we go. She has been sick 😦 I hate her being sick, I cannot wait until a time when sickness will be a thing of the past. But she is so strong I’m sure she will pull through. She a soulja!. Anyways yea…let me go wash this conditioner out of my head. Oh! one more thing. I’m personal training now. I’m soooo determined to get down to 120. I mean determined. I just want to be lean. Even if I go back up to 130 I just want to only add muscle. So I’ll update you on my progress later. BYE!! 🙂


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