Feel Good Feelings

I feel alot better. Well I did yesterday I just did not feel like writing. I like jotting all this down in hopes of one day looking back on it and seeing how strong I was. Anyways- last weekend was the show so of course I missed my meeting. No biggie  cuz I never do. But I missed possibly the best message. I went over it yesterday so I could catch up and not miss anything and man did I need that. When you fall…or stumble..get back up and continue the race in life towards your spiritual prize. Man does things speak to you when you need them or what? The part that stood out to me the most was the part about others injustices being a stumbling block. Yet even though we may see injustice we can take it 3 ways. 1.)Recognize that Jesus see’s everything as the head of the congregation and will deal with it in it’s own due time, 2.) Maybe we are not seeing the big picture that Jesus and the Elders do see 3.) let it stumble us. I decided to use this as a stepping stone instead. I’ve always seen myself as an optimist. I try to find the silver lining in ‘everything’ eventually. So in this situation I can allow it to be a stepping stone..and a lesson to never want to be in the same situation again.. sometimes two times a charm. I feel for those who have no spiritual food to guide them through life…no map…thankful I do. I also want to get better at personal studying of the bible. It’s impossible to run this race of life without that constant studying of the scriptures. So that’s a goal to work towards. cya


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