The strangest thing happens when I listen to jazz. No matter and I mean no matter how sad I am or down I’m suddenly okay. I don’t know who the first jazz artist was..smooth jazz that is…but they created a way out for many. Some peoples way out is rap music..r&b ect ect. Funny thing is I  used to HATE jazz. I was about 12 or 13 and I used to always ask my mom “what is this?!” can you please turn to 92.1?! That was our small towns radio station that played a mixture of r&b and rap in Tappahannock va. We started hanging with her friend quite a lot and they would always just chill and listen to Jazz. Slowly I started to appreciate it. I started to realize all the different instruments coming together to make a beautiful beat. When you think about Rock music which is another fav of mine and Jazz so much more creativity is needed it produce it. With r&b and rap they shop around for beats and lay vocals over it. R&B and Rap only talks about sex. I am so tired of hearing it. I have not listened to the radio in weeks. No lie..sometimes I just ride in silence. This world is just sick in everything they talk about. I actually don’t listen to Rock alot anymore either unless it’s Green Day, or Linkin Park or some random song on the radio. You don’t hear about alot of sex and drugs in Rock. Just broken hearts. It’s kind of a harsher version of country music. Back to what I was saying with Rock you have a whole band coming together and a singer. Jazz you have artist who have taken years to perfect this instrument. This morning though I was feeling very sorry for myself ,but I turned Najee on and boom, I forgot I was even upset until 3 jazz songs later when I realized how good a mood I was in. 🙂 It is so therapeutic. I’ve been trying to find a patio set for my balcony. Summer is almost here and that means grilling and chilling outside. I also wanna find a net like tent I can somehow attach to my brick and bring it out and settle right before the rails. There has to be one out there I just need to search better. Welp that’s all that is on my mind today. Oh yea..Chris Jones asked mom about me and how I was doing. For a year now every single last day he walks past my desk. He does not even have to come this way, feels good to know he is checking up on me. He asked if I had written a letter yet..mom told him I’ve written two or three. She said he looked confused but told me just follow what they said. So I do plan on writing another one June 1st. I kinda just want this all to pass. I’m so good right now. (Just realized I forgot to put on deoderant..I sooo hope I have some in my bag ugh lol) What else..what else.. oh counting down the days to Ocean City! I cannot wait. Also counting down the days to the hampton Jazz fest. Just hope I’m back by June 28th so I can go with my family. But yea going to Ocean City with my girls Kiya and Erin. I just need to get out of Richmond so I’m looking forward to it. The fashion show is this weekend. I’m not really ‘that’ nervous, just hope I don’t fall. Pray fo’ me! Lawww hamm mercayy pray! lol Holla.


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