So I saw something online that was really cool. You tell the below what you want to tell them I guess..without telling them? Lol idk.. I’ll try it.

 Dear Crush– Hi  lol- this hasn’t happened in forever! Last time I remember having a crush I was like 12 years old. Like an actual crush crush. First sight crush. Didn’t need persuading crush. Hope I meet you soon. Trust me I’m a nice person..give me a chance 😉

Dear Ex– Screw you ,yo momma,yo daddy, and yo sista.

Dear dad– I miss you. I know you love me and miss me too but you are going through a lot. I really believe you are a good person. You just got pulled down the wrong path.

Dear Diary– Remind me not to jot down negativity. Speak happiness into existence.

Dear Unborn child– Serve Jehovah. It is the best way of life. Now go prepare for your meeting.

Dear Bestfriend– Thank you for never judging me.

Dear celebrity crush– John Mayer you might as well just break down and take me out. We been going back and forth for years now. You and this whole playing hard to get thing is just getting old. Grow up!

Dear future husband– You must be a really strong brotha with a whole lot of patience. Can’t wait to see what you do to lock this down.

Ok so I didn’t quite take this seriously lol.


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