I’m going to say this real quick because I have to get something up before 10. I just saw one of my friends I grew up with ‘new man’ on facebook, . Like when do you learn that these dudes out her ain’t worth nothing. IF you are going to date them AT LEAST pick a dude that is not in his mid 30’s dressing like he is in high school pants saggin with a white tee. Come on. I just wish people would make better decisions. But hey who am I to talk.I may have had my wack negro in the past,but at least I get up. I fall and I get right back on the road to life. I NEVER linger. This is the best way of life. Sigh. I just hope she comes back, she has been away for a while from her spiritual family. I know she needs attention. I just don’t see this ending well. Let me not pass judgement.  We all have different struggles. Maybe mine are not as serious as hers.



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  1. Do you post something every day?

  2. SN the timing on our comments is way off. Weird. LOL

  3. I do! Lol, somethings you just have to write down and figure out. It’s nice to be able to go back and see how your views and feelings have changed on matters.

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