Good Morning!

This weekend was a good weekend. I went out with my girls I used to work with a caught up. Came home chilled out and then watched a couple of movies, made some jewelry, went TO the movies. Lol- I went and saw Hansel and Gretal slightly against my my will. It was ….border line  bad. I mean. It was good  but I probably should not have gone to see it a second time. OF COURSE this mornings text reminded me of my not so great choices this weekened with that movie.

Abhor what is wicked, cling to

what is good.—Rom. 12:9.

Butttt I’ll be more careful in the future. It was not ‘that’ bad but it did involve witches *winces* .

Anyways, I gotta get to work not much to talk about today. Holla!


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