Daily Text

When we think of all the things Jesus did and how no man made books could contain all he did his short time on earth, it make you think. Whatever ‘was’ put in the bible must have been very important to us. The scripture says

There are, in fact, many other
things also which Jesus did,
which, if ever they were written
in full detail, I suppose, the
world itself could not contain
the scrolls written.—John 21:25.

so this makes me ponder, If all of Jesus actions while he was on earth could not be contained by all the scrolls on earth , why didnt Jehovah move man to utilize as many (scrolls) books as it ‘could’ contain? Do you understand what I’m saying? I literally just had an ah ha! moment. Jehovah if he wanted to could have moved man (inspired man) to write down AS MUCH as Jesus life here on earth as we could possibly contain in all the books on earth, and then leave the rest to history. Yet he inspired man to only fill the bible which contains a small number of pages in comparison. This was a loving provision and also done for a reason. He made it so man would not be overwhelmed but still provided enough knowledge for us to to be able to constantly take in and conduct research. If there were volumes and volumes of literature would it be loving on Jehovahs part to expect everyman to come to an accurate knowledge. Image how huge of a task daily bible reading would be! He made it so we could individually read his word easily in one year. It also sends a message that since such a small part of Jesus life was written whatever it is MUST be of GREAT importance for Jehovah to inspire man to write it down. Let’s think, what was Jesus main purpose in the bible as we read? The kingdom ministry. According to the bible and what was written , that is what Jesus life revolved around. That and sanctifying Jehovah’s name. That sends a hefty message to us that this is of such great importance. Todays text also talks about Jesus training men to take the lead in the congregation so that teaches our brothers a lesson in reaching out. See the text below.


Among all the things that Jesus
accomplished during his short
but dynamic ministry was the locating,
training, and organizing
of men who would take the lead
after his earthly sojourn. When
he returned to heaven in 33 C.E.,
Jesus left behind the foundation
of a remarkable congregation
that would quickly number
into the thousands. (Acts 2:41, 42;
4:4; 6:7) Today, there continues to
be a need for men to take the
lead in spiritual matters. Those
who reach out for this privilege of
service are to be commended, for
they are “desirous of a fine work.”
(1 Tim. 3:1) To serve properly in
such a capacity, amanmust qualify
spiritually. More than abilities
or accomplishments, hemust
have spiritual qualities. w11 11/15


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