Informal Witnessing/Consequences

This past Watchtower was really really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. What I liked most about it is how we all make mistakes. We all have regrets but you cannot let it coincide with your service to Jehovah. You have to push through it.  Jehovah will forgive anything (except of course sinning against the holy spirit) which is blasphemy or speaking in such a way that would go against his purpose. I was able to witness to a girl on instagram. (Of all places) She posted a picture of the memorial track. It was so awesome because I was like man we are really spreading the word to everyone. I don’t even know this girl. So it made me feel good that the campaign is reaching everyone. So she posted a picture of Jesus on the front and the caption said “That ain’t my Jesus!”. I had to laugh. So underneath her photo I typed ” I’m passing these out too, you should go you will enjoy it I promise!” – I figured her hearing it from me would be good because she loves my jewelry and comments on my pictures frequently. Sometimes people will listen to someone they have a liking towards, so I used that to my advantage. In reply she said ” Oh no I love it! I’m just trying to figure out why he is white” in return I said ” lol- ask the Jehovah’s Witnesses next time they come to your door 🙂 ” and she said “Will do!” – So I don’t know if she will actually ask but I could not sit there on instagram and try to go any further with it. But I HAD to say something. I could not let that go. To me if we printed Jesus being black all the white people would say “That ain’t my Jesus! Jesus was white (or of Jewish descent) and when we print him as a lighter color black people say “That ain’t my Jesus! Jesus was black!” – I mean you cannot please everyone and someone is always going to have something to say. Unfortunately our world is more biased towards blacks than whites. I have a feeling if I was passing out tracks with a black Jesus 90% of them would be in the trash can. That’s just my take on it. But on a serious note, Jesus was of Jewish descent. I’m not sure what color he was. But it does not matter. Whether Jesus was black, white, purple, green, the message is what should matter. His ransom sacrifice and his examples he left behind is what should motivate us. Jehovah does not see color and neither should we.

But back to consequences idk, I feel like yea I made alot of mistakes, I’ve been forgiven but  I feel like I am still suffering from the consequences. My consequence is not having a plan b. I sometimes think “Maybe I should have taken Josh back” but I quickly remind myself of the harsh mental abuse and that quickly fades. Just because you do not have a plan b, or could not imagine life without someone at some point should not make you settle for less than you deserve and it stops there. So yea my consequences really are not knowing where I’m going anymore. I feel like a sitting duck. But I may just feel that way because I cannot be around my family and friends right now. I also can’t throw myself into spiritual things like the ministry , or RBC like I want to either. So I’m sure with time those ‘consequences’ will be easier to handle. I’m just really really happy that I have been able to keep my head on straight. Man is it hard though. The struggle never stops..ever. You just have to find a way to deal with it and not think about it. But I’m in a happy place. I’m glad March is almost over. Then I got April. Hopefully April will be hotter. I don’t know how reliable’s forecast is for next month but it says it will be in the 70’s all month with highs of 90. (pssh yea right) We’ll see. But right now all I see is snow. *Cross fingers for warm weather* – Have a good day! 🙂 Keep smiling.


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