I don’t understand why people go to these parties. Everyone there looks TERRIBLE! and Corney. And not terrible like ugly but just your trying to be so like the people that are not following or leading a godly life. Your trying to be something you are not through your dress and demeanor. It’s sad because only the black sisters were dressed like that. All of the hispanic  and white sisters were dressed nicely with pants on or jeans an a cute top. SMH Ugh. And the men??? the men??? hot mess..trying TOO hard. I really really hope that is not what I have to choose from. I’ll be single for forever. Most of those chicks were huge with tiny tiny skirts on. Is that really how we are representing our God? They need to be pulled aside immediately. I’m so glad I was raised better. Tisk Tisk Tisk!!! At least I’m either in or out. I make my mistakes clean up and come back. I’ve never ever ever represented my God in that way through my dress. I think this is why I’m having such a hard time with my situation because I see this foolery and I’m like…I’m better than that. I don’t do that. I know what they are doing. They are not being delt with. But then…I take a step back… and just remember to worry about myself. Lol just worry bout yaself girl and keep it moving.



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