Monday, March 11
Let my steps take hold on your
tracks, in which my footsteps
will certainly not be made to totter.—
Ps. 17:5.
If we are humble and willing to
depend on Jehovah, he will impart
to us his holy spirit as a
sure guide for our steps. How will
that active force help us? Jesus
explained to his disciples: “The
helper, the holy spirit, which the
Father will send in my name,
that one will teach you all things
and bring back to your minds all
the things I told you.” (John 14:
26) As we regularly and prayerfully
study God’s Word, including
all the sayings of Christ, holy
spirit will increase our comprehension
of Jehovah’s deep wisdom,
so that we can follow his will
closely. (1 Cor. 2:10) Additionally,
at any unexpected turn in the
road to life, the spirit will show
us the way to go. It will bring
to mind Bible principles that we
have already learned and help us
to grasp how they apply in directing
our next step. w11 12/15 2:8, 9

How can I apply this to me? Hmmmm. I know in the past I have always though about my actions only after I acted. I know that was because I had not been absorbing myself into the literature or bible reading. There was no conscience telling me no, or where to go. But the text clearly brings out that if we follow Jehovah’s word closely by regular study and prayer we will get holy spirit in return. I view that holy spirit as a little voice inside your head telling your gut what to do. If you are not really taking in bible principles on a DAILY basis , you really do become callus in your thinking. So making sure that I do regular studies so that I can always have bible principles in the front on my mind I know will help me in the future. That way I can draw from those principles and allow holy spirit to give me the power beyond what is normal to fight off Satan’s snares.

Another way it can help me is what we hear all the time. In the ministry. And lord will I need it.
I get so nervous at the doors, and I know I will be even more so when I come back. I would have been away from the ministry WELL over a year or longer. So studying and relying on holy spirit to bring my studies back to me is going to be my safety line. I know I have always been nervous about holding studies too, but it says holy spirit will increase your comprehension also. So as long as I do my part by studying and really preparing for service and the meetings I should have confidence that in that time of need and nervousness Jehovah will take care of the rest. It reminds me of when Jesus was walking on water and his follower lost faith and started to sink. I can kind of find the parallel with trusting in Jehovah to not let you sink while at the door. I cannot be that person with little faith or I will surly start to sink. So that’s what I got from todays text. I really like writing down what I got from it vs. just meditating. Writing has always be therapeutic for me anyways.   I hope I have encouraged someone today in cyber space. Even if they are not of my faith to always stick to bible principles the best way you can and let that lead all of your decisions ‘before’ making them.


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