Personal Study

I was able to accomplish some personal studying last night. I did not get knee-deep in it like I wanted to but hey it’s progress. I was reading about Moses and what is it that we remember him for. So many things came to mind and it was also some things listed in the article. I’am trying to practice meditating on what I learn. So something that stuck with me in that article was Moses humility. Moses was described has having great knowledge from overseeing massive duties but when asked questions that he knew and could answer, instead he said let’s bring it before Jehovah for him to answer. One way I can see this benefiting me is in the ministry or when witnessing to someone. If someone were to ask me a question and I know it off the top of my head, am I going to answer from the knowledge I have stored? NO I am going to say “Let’s turn to the bible and see what Jehovah has to say on the matter” – This is the same as Moses did. He did not lean on his OWN understanding. Yet he brought before Jehovah things of Judicial matter. I want to keep this up so that I can stay encouraged and really really draw close to Jehovah more than I ever have. Oops! Mentioning that let me read my daily text for today. I read it yesterday, It was talking about how we are all born sinners. Some cultures or religions do not view themselves as sinners. Just merely someone who is not perfect. But coming to an accurate knowledge of how serious Adams sin was making it trickle down to us and really having a full understanding of how sinful we are will help us to appreciate Jesus ransom sacrifice for us. That’s what I got from that. 🙂


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