Va Beach

So I decided *again* I’m going to move to Va Beach. I may start looking for jobs around July or August. I talked to Twyla and the deal is whoever moves first will take in the other until they find work. SO if I move first Maine and Twyla can move with me until they get a job but hopefully Twyla will just be able to transfer. If they move first then I will save and move with them until I find something and then we can part ways if we want to find separate dwellings. I just cannot wait to get out of Richmond! I’m excited just thinking about it. I really hope I’m reinstated in June so my girl can help me look for jobs and apts. I don’t really know what areas of Va beach are good or bad. I can start doing my own research now. It also helps that I know someone very close to me where I will be moving. And if my brother and his wife move there it will be more people that I know. It’s always ‘nice’ to have family around period though. If I was to move to Texas to NJ or something I would not have anyone. I could make friends yea but it’s nothing like having the people you grew up with around ya. SO that’s all I gotta say today. Let me get to this work. Holla.


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