So I was pulled aside today and the brothers had a talk with me. I was told that almost  never ‘unless there is a mistake” does someone come back before a year. They told me that I have been and encouragement to the friends and that I am doing really good but I need to be more patient. I cried alot… told them I did not understand … I was ready. But they assured me it was for my best. I understood at the end. I said last time I came back in 6 months and they said that may be why I never got back 100% spiritually. The first time it never sunk in. I did leave feeling ‘ok’ though. They told me that June 18th marks a year so make sure I write them another letter at the beginning of June before the Convention so they can sit down with me again. I’m glad that they at least gave me a time table to look forward to. Also they said “Janay…June is not that far away. Just be patient and let the discipline run it’s course. You don’t have that much longer. So man…. I really do have my depressive moments,,,and I broke down twice at the meeting today. But they said I will look back on this one day and be grateful that this time was taken out for me to concentrate and have alone time. I really hope so. I really hope so. They told me I am doing eveything right…so I’ll wait……………………


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