So first off. I’m not sure if I put this on here or not but I am excited about this fashion show. It’s keeping me busy and keeping my mind off negative things. Hoepfully the next rehearsal they will tell me what needs to be made from my jewelry line for the models. Thank god I got the formal segment of the show. Lol I did not want to be in the other ones. I like formal the best. I don’t want to be in a bathing suit at ALL! My body ain’t ready for that yet. I have been doing insantiy alot though and hopefully I will start to see a change in my body in the coming weeks. Patience is a virture.

I was feeling a bit down this morning. No one has come up to me yet. I started thinking “Don’t they want me back”? But Idk. I have to remember not to think like that because it will eat you up. But that’s all I’ll say on that. It’s whatever. I’m not handing another letter in. When they want me back they will come up to me. I’ma just leave it alone. Too discouraging to keep hearing “no” or nothing at all. I honestly don’t know what else to do. I’ve been good for a long time now.. Idk..

I finally got caught up at work today. Thank goodnes. The girls helped me get out this hole. I really need more pay for this. I feel so underpaid at my job. I mean yea I have a 2 story, 2 bed room, 2 bath townhome, car (paid for) , and some wiggle room, but I don’t want ‘just’ wiggle room. I want to book that flight or that cruise…or that vacay at a drop of the dime. Seriously. This is for the birds mannnnn. How can I get rich. I need a get rich quick scheme. Actually no I don’t want to be RICH. Just comfortable. More comfortable* I can’t have no babies like DIS! lol. Time to put my thinking cap on. Find my dream job, soul mate, new location and have dem babies. I bet though when I find the first 3 I may change my mind. Or if I find a new location I may not want anyone. We shall see. I need to do something and fast though. I’ll be 30 in 4 years. OMGG!


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