My weekend was SO FUN! I had such a good time with my girl Kiya and I met her cousin Jina who was very very nice. Glad I made a new friend. It was so funny cuz that chick was Hermes and Gucci’ed out. She said it was a gift from her ex. Shhooodddd I been dating the wrong dudes. Sike- I don’t even care about labels but that purse was fire! But yea I had a great time. We went to a SB party and the food , sweets and drinks were laaiid out. I’m just glad I was not in Richmond because ugh that would have sucked. So it was nice visiting Maryland. I like the kind of friends that I don’t have to see or talk to them all the time for us to be cool. That’s how me and Kiyas friendship is. I cannot stand needy people lol. SO yea that was my weekend. I ate alot so I need to start doing insanity ASAP. It’s just two months Janay only two months!!!!


I held a baby this weekend and I cannot wait for this maternal feeling to go away. I have never wanted a baby so bad in my life!! Even when I heled my best friends babies it was not the same. This time something clicked. ughhhh. Lord this is alll I need right now lol. 😦

PS- I’m handing in my letter again tonight. I don’t even want to get excited. At least they know I am trying ya know? Holla!


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