Throw it in the trash..

SO I’ma type this really quick because I need to be working but someone that I know from being married to my ex (can’t say who because I would not be surprised if he stalks my Instagram or my Blog from googling me) reached out to me to see how I was doing. She also told me that Liz is preggy! and due in 3 weeks. Whhaat! So awesome. I’m so happy for her man. Everyone is married with seeds now. Seems like just yesterday we were all kids hanging out. Ahh the good ol days before all that marriage stuff.

SO I was talking to my girl neecy today because we are so excited that our friend Toya is getting married. Whoot! He looks very mature and nice. Cutie pie too. So I was like man yall give me hope that you can once love and then love again. Both Neecy and Toya are dating now and happy but came out of some nasty breakups over the past 2 years. So I just think that’s kinda cool. Anyways it took me back to my blog post yesterday because she said to find love she had to throw away her ‘List” in the trash and burn it. Forget all about it. Maybe that is my problem. My expectations are so high and unrealistic noone can match them or live up to them. Maybe I need to throw my expectations in the trash then maybe I won’t be so confused….




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