Random Thoughts

It is cold…too cold to function..too cold for me to be at work. Why does it always call for snow on the weekends? Does the universe know when it’s friday , saturday or sunday? Why do I have to work? Why can’t I be a at home mom and just snuggle up with my little one. I wonder if people are actually going out in service today. They are probably just doing returns. It was too cold to go out last night. I dont want to open my email at work. I know my rep has probably said something that is going to piss me off for the rest of the day like yesterday. I need a different job, one in Miami. YES! Miami! That way I will never be cold like this again. But then I would have to wear my hair curly all the time because it rains so much. I would probably get tired of the beach and tempting nightlife around there. I probably should not have aired my business about plan b pills on here 2 post ago. I don’t have a filter sometimes. But this is my blog so everything goes. I read my friends blogs and they say worse. Well expose more. So I guess I’m in the clear. Sorry if it offended anyone though. Still not gonna erase it though. I can’t wait until my business cards come in. I’m excited. I need to find energy to make some more jewelry. I don’t have a show coming up and sales a slow right now. I need to gather my business things for taxes. ugh I dont even know my tax id # so I have to make a call for that too. There are probably so many gramatical errors in this because I am typing so fast so fix them mentally as you read along. Ok I’m gonna go do some work now.



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  1. Just yesterday I was thinking the same thing about wishing to be a stay-at-home mom and I don’t even want kids. LOL I just want the stay at home part.

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