Monday Nights

So I just downed a whole half bag of Hawaiian Mango Habanero chips. Dannnnnggg them joints was gooodd! Now that I’m full feel so guilty! I’m supposed to be loosing weight. I topped in at 150 ugh! I was 142 in December. SMH I’m going backwards. It’s like sex.. FOOD! is like SEX! you always feel guilty afterwards. You try to down alot of water to dilute the carbs the same way you pop a morning after pill. Yes I have popped many of those in my past and never plan on popping one again. Anyways…. I’m a changed woman. The meeting tonight just like every meeting touched me. I always feel like a part is specially mapped out just for me. Brother Lewis (one of the elders on my committiee) grabs a hold of my hand while I was opening the door tonight and smiled at me as if so impressed and said “Keep up the good work”- gosh that made me feel good. It’s always right on time too. I feel like Jehovah is using them as a vessel to comfort me. But maybe not. Either way I feel very encouraged.

I’m watching Kim and Kourtney take Miami. I have been soooo tempted to just hop on a plane and go to Miami. Just go…don’t even think about it. I need a looonng vaca. I NEED A VACA!! JUST AWAY FROM WORK JUST UNDER A SUN WITH HEAT. UGH lol

I am sooo happy that I got to see my babies this weekend. I love those girls as if they were my own. ANNDDD it is about time their mother let me watch them. I know how to watch chiren! (love you). I mean I did practically raise Mekia from birth I was so scared they would not know who I am anymore since I have not seen them in like 8 months but all the kept saying was “I missed you aunt nay nay” “I love you aunt nay nay” – It’s amazing that children that young know how to express their love. Thank god they look pretty much the same and have not grown all the way up on me. They are still babies. I know this cuz Lavi farted and sneezed at the same time..on my lap. Lol I did not care.

I just need to get away. I need to take a real vacation from work. I need to make this bracelet for this lady at work. I do not feel like it. Let me get to it though. NIGHT! 🙂


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