Feeling Good

PISSED- I wrote a blog and my internet reset so it erased everything…uggh. I don’t feel like typin it again. That’s what I get for not doing any work. Basically what I was saying was I am trying to find a job where I travel more. At least once a month if not every few months. Also I was watching infomercials this morning and insanity came on. I am starting it back up tonight. They said in 60 days you see major! changes so just two months of pain I will be good. I mean I already like my body now it just needs some tweaking. so I know I will look awesome by the summer. 🙂 DING. I should upload my progress on here. Idk we shall see.

Oh! I saw my friends husbands commercial on facebook via his business page. It is soooooo tight!!! I’m so proud of Pico. He is really successful with his barber shop and doin his thang tha thing! Until next time. Holla


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