I’m watching root and it made me do a little research…

I came across this article about how the abolitionist circulated pictures of the infamous scarred back of a slave used for propaganda to bring light to the slave life, but what is really interesting is when they decided to use slave children. They chose the lightest ones that could pass for white, took them to nyc and dressed them in fine clothes, took pictures, then sent them back to the south with their families. They then circulated the pictures so people could be in a uproar about slavery. Whats even MORE interesting is the blogger does not know “why” they chose the lighter slave children over the darker skinned children. As intelligent as this woman seems in her post, having one of her articles even in the New York times, it is a perfect example of how intelligence does not mean you aren’t naive or cannot even use common sense. The views of these abolitionist are still rampant. As unharmful has they may have been with it, it still gives light into why honestly things have not really changed. If you just turn on any new channel you do not hear about alot of missing children that are black, or asian, or hispanic. It’s mainly the ‘white looking’ or pure white children that get’s the coverage. Really makes you say hmmmmm,


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