Shuckin and Jivin..


Soooo I offended some people at work by saying the following to a coworker outloud.
“Sarah Palin was said to make a racial slur towards obama by saying he was shuckin and jivin and it originates with slavery” So let’s look at the facts below courtesy of Urban Dictionary..which I’m sure Sarah Palin had pulled up in google before she said it.

1.)”Shucking and jiving” was a tactic of both survival and resistance. A slave, for instance, could say eagerly, “Oh, yes, Master,” and have no real intention to obey. Or an African-American man could pretend to be working hard at a task he was ordered to do, but might put up this pretense only when under observation. Both would be instances of “doin’ the old shuck ‘n jive.”

…It has been adopted into non-Afroamerican speech, with a reference to behavior adopted in order to avoid criticism.

2. shuck and jive To act like a nigger.


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