El fin de semana

So I’m gonna try to say this real fast. So as you know I’m trying to save up $$ because I’m going on a month to month lease starting in DEC because even though I have decided to chill here for a minute and not move “right away” like before I figured I might change my mind about my feelings here and want to move anyways so a month to month will give me that freedom. On the flip side a month to month is like $100 extra a month. *ouch* – that would be ok if I was not trying to save. So I pretty much confided in my sister yesterday and was like yea so I’m worried I won’t be able to save enough ‘if’ I decide to move if I go on a month to month. Her response was “well didn’t you just go to new York? You must not be that concerned” ——–Ok I went to new York like….TWO MONTHS AGO! WTH? What does me going to new York two months ago have to do with me moving next year? I can understand not splurging now or next year since I’m trying to save but I’m not gonna just stop my life and not live it ‘at all’ just to save. Yes there is a line to be drawn but that particular line was drawn dern near 2 months ago. It’s not that serious. Some other stuff came up too which caused us to get into a fight. I just left. I’m so sick of us not getting along. I have never seen two sisters that are SO different in every single way.  Then I went to my little cousins baseball game and asssss always my family that “is not in the truth” ALWAYS has to bring up Witnesses in a negative tone. Always ..it never fails. My cousin Rashida was like “Yea this girl all on face book talking about she stressed and what not,, I mean she a witness she not supposed to be stressing!” –my family does this all the time. If I call my grandma …or my cousin…or aunt (all not in the truth) and something is bothering me, the first thing they say is “Well aren’t you a Jehovah’s Witness?” I just don’t get that. So as she kept talking I was going to let it go but fire was in my bones so I just flipped I was like “ Just because someone is a witness does not mean that they are perfect! It does not mean that they are excluded from feeling pain.” She was like “Well yall supposed to be filled with Jehovah’s spirit right?” and then they all just started laughing (including my sister who was raised a witness and should have more respect). They was like church people always falling on the ground saying “well god got me he got me!” so it seems like witnesses should do the same. I then blurted out “cuz they be fakin!” (Which I should not have, I was just upset) But I’m going to tell her one day too , she should have at least ‘respect’ even if you aren’t a witness. So about 10 minutes after that I left and went home. I called mom and told her..mom I can’t talk to yall and I don’t want to talk to them so I’m not talking to anyone. It sucks but my other side of the family just is always talking about how witnesses divide the family when in actuality they divide because they don’t like that we don’t celebrate certain things. So THEY divide from US. They make it awkward. So I’m overit.com

Other than that the weekend was ok. I have to take my car to the shop today…so pray for meh.


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