Of course it’s a case of the Mondays but coffee made it ok. What’s new? Nothing much. I did my bible reading yesterday. I’ve always had a huge issue doing it because when I read I don’t retain it. I don’t know why but like as I’m reading I don’t even remember it as im reading it…my mind wonders. How ? idk… it’s always been like that. So I found a really neat way to do it. I just play the audio while I read it. I did that and it worked perfectly! My seeing the words AND hearing the words really made it stick and more enjoyable to do. SO I read my Daniel chapters 4-6 yesterday. Then I watched the dvd we got “Walk by Faith” or something like that and omg it was so good! I felt like I was watching a great movie. I cannot believe that the society made this production. Jehovah really looks out for our needs and tries to keep up with the times and what we are interested in. Just like the dvd for kids that really hit home and I’m sure more younger ones will watch it because they watch cartoons anyways.So I was just really impressed. Twyla told me the other day we gotta stop hanging like we do till I come back. I really understood, I didn’t have the strength to do or say it so i’m glad she did. I can’t wait to be around everyone again.


I’m going to look at a loft today…looooooorddddddd please help me get this. Lol … I had a conversation with my mom the other day. She said she feels she had to talk sense in me and that’s why she was talking so long. I was thinking about moving away I really was. I just wanted to get out of dodge and start over again where no one knew me or my past… but mom brought out SUCH a good point that REALLY made me reevaluate myself. She said “That’s what people want you to do, people want you to disappear so you won’t keep blowing out their candle. They won’t be able to see how good you are doing unless you stay. Don’t let anyone drive you away from your roots because wherever you go there are still going to be idiot. STAY HERE and show people your success and show them you thriving and living your life with joy and serving Jehovah to the fullest and always have a smile on your face and just keep getting more beautiful and better with each day.” MAN!! I almost cried I’m like DING DING DING DING! I’m not moving away just because people wanna treat me stupid. I’ll go on about my business and serve Jehovah to the fullest. Lol I was really thinking about moving to Texas. Now with that said, I still may move to VA Beach if I can’t get a loft here. But from what mom said yea.I’m not gonna move ages away and so far away where I have absolutely no support whatsoever. I’m afraid to isolate myself because that’s when Satan really has the upper hand. So we shall see 🙂 Holla!


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