Havent really been up to much lately. Not much to say just living each day and trying to figure out what I want out of life and what my next steps are over the course of the next year or two. Still stuck on if I want to try to move but I’ve been thinking about waiting it out and seeing if I’ll still have a job by the end of next year…and just incase  I don’t just save up a lot so I can have a cushion. No clue where  I would move though. I have so much I need to get together. I really need a new car. I want a new car yes but I think now I actually NEED a new car. Either that or I need to shop around and figure out if anyone can replace the top on the inside. Somehow the sealant is weak and like if it rains really really hard nothing happens .but if it’s raining like all day and its light rain.. my roof will leak.That has not happened in a very long time. So the other day it rained all day, came outside and water was just dripping like crazy. Floor wet everything. SO now my car is just really really musky. Hopefully the febreeze will help it out.

I enjoyed the meeting Saturday. A brother brought out a really good point. He said if you were in the Zoo and the lions escaped where would you go? Where would be the best safest place to retreat to? Well the lion’s den would be the safest spot because you know more than likely since the lion viewed that as a trap they will not go back to that spot. Same with Satan and Jehovahs organization. Satan viewed Jehovah way of doing things as a trap, a place of confinement , unable to do his own thing. The last place he is going to come is in the safe area Jehovah is watching over. He is going to stay far away. So Jehovahs organization is the best place to be so that Satan cannot influence you. I really really liked that point. Things this time around seem a little different. The brothers are more..how can I put it “hands on”? . For instance they are always asking me if I am ok or if I need anything, one brother on my committee told me not to give up in the parking lot, and he also saw I didn’t have a kingdom ministry at the meeting..he got up..made a copy of his and gave it to me during the meeting. It’s little things like that really make me feel like they are rooting for me. I just wanna be right when I come back. I need to really figure out what is causing this vicious cycle and why I am not learning from my mistakes. I’ll figure it out though.

Meanwhile I’m trying to get this camping trip together for my family and my sister is making things difficult. Like there’s always a question about why , why why instead of just going with the flow. I don’t even feel like getting it together anymore. Forrealz! Shood I should just go by myself lol…sike. Well I gotta finish this work up. I also need to research how to improve my credit because I really really do think my car is on it’s last leg. Holla


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