Inspirational Morning Coffee

I’m not sure if I said this is a past post or not but last week Josh contacted me via my new email ( he musta googled me or something) and he emailed me on my email. Not really surprised and he probably has the link to my blog and is reading it now too. Who knows. I will always LOVE Josh but I cannot stay stuck in the past anymore. He said a simple hello and I said a simple glad your doing ok and goodbye. And that was it. He asked to talk to me and I said no. I’m just tired of hashing up old things with Josh. I’m over it. We are never going to see eye to eye. I’m happy I was able to not weaken and talk to him, means I’m making progress. Which brings me to todays Inspiration

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fill the future

To make the future bright, fill the present with meaningful, purposeful effort. To generate real hope for the future, give some real commitment to taking action in the present.

Don’t waste your time longing for a past that will never come again. Instead, take the best of that past and work now to build it into the future.

Tomorrow can be the best day yet. Today is when you can do what is necessary to make it so.

Dream big dreams, make big plans, and then act on them with dedication and persistence. Enjoy the feeling of effectiveness in the present while you build the best future you can imagine.

Don’t let the fears and excuses hold you back. Your future is yours to create, so do it right now with confidence, commitment and authentic purpose.

Feel the pure goodness that lives deep within you. Now is when you can act to fill the future with that very same goodness.

— Ralph Marston

Glad I got to talk to my girls last night even thought they are all over the place on the phone lol. At least I got to hear thier voices. I’ve been on weight watchers for like 2 weeks and I’ve dropped 10 lbs. This crap works!! And the foood is soooooo good you don’t even realize your on a diet!. I really want to get back down to 125 so I can cut all my hair back off and dye it like blonde. lol I have to be mad skinny to do that though. Wouldnt look right with a pudgy face.

I may be selling my Jewelry at the food and wine festival this year not sure. The coordinator said she loves my stuff so she is going to try and sqeeze me in , so we shall see. It’s like $250 for a space but hopefully i can scrape that up.

Anywho I gotta get to work holla!


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