I’m really enjoying these few days off from work! Really needed this. I got a chance to visit my grandma in Tapp yesterday. I love her so much and my grandpa too. It’s tooooo hard to think that one day they will not be here anymore but you just have to enjoy them one day at a time and live for now and have faith in the resurrection hope! She gave me three rings that when put together are her initials DCH. Ill probably never take these off just like I have not taken her other rings off. I had a good conversation with her. I asked her how she likes marriage and grandpop and she said “I deal with it” Lol. SO then I asked her how many times she had been married and she said 4. I was like huh!!? She went to tell me about her third husband Emmanuel and I literally cried from the story she told me. She said he loved her to bits. She was so busy having fun she took his love for granted but finally married him after being together on and off for 10 years. They got married in 73 he was diagnosed with cancer in 74 and died in 1975. The day after her birthday….. she said that on his dying bed he told her to go get a gift for herself so she went downtown and got a charm like he always bought her. SO she came back and he whispered “writings” so she said you want me to get it inscribed?? He shook his head yes. So she went back downtown and had it inscribed “Happy Birthday from Emmanuel with love “75”. He died the next day. The thing that happened next took me for a loop. My grandmother can NEVER find anything. Like literally we think she is becoming a hoarder lol. But she got up…. went over to her dresser and pulled out a gift box and there was the bracelet with all the charms he had given her including the one on her birthday. I broke down in tears. Why is it always the good ones …the good times… that don’t last? What is it about life where anything that too good to be true like a man who loves you with every bone in his body,.it does not last. Death always takes us. The fact that grandma was able to instantly find that showed me that he is still very close to her heart. She then went to read me some poems that she wrote after he died. She was very heartbroken. It was bittersweet because even though this was sad it brought me closer to her. My granny always has been the example of strong in my eyes. I have never seen her cry. Even when her best of friends died… she must have cried behind closed doors because I never saw a tear in my entire life. Even my mom…if you see her upset or crying you done did something really bad or she is very hurt. Like mother like daughter I guess. And of course she had to go  through pictures and guess who pops out?? Josh. I wish she would just get rid of pics of us all together. I don’t want to see them. They just make me angry and upset and reminds me of just too much crap. That boy was fine… I don’t know why he had such low self-confidence.


Anyways that was Saturday so now I am just chilling and reading some of the literature from the convention that we were given. I was going to post some items to my website but I decided to give Jehovah some of my time. So I’ma do that and go to bed night!


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