I find it amazing how extreme people are. Let’s first get this straight I have no idea how many friends I have on facebook. Today its 254 but I have no clue how many it was before that. I never paid attention. But something made me raise an eyebrow. Pretty much everyone in the Richmond area has deleted me. All the people at the kingdom hall. I didn’t notice until I went through a friends list and all thier friends that used to be mine all had “Add Friend” next to me. Even my girls friend Rich deleted me. HUH? Wait im confused. So you delete a person that never even says anything on facebook. I still have alot of people on there that are witnesses that didn’t delete me but I just find it petty.I also think it’s funny that all the …well..most the people who deleted me all run together and go out together. Soooo is it a fad now and the cool thing to do to talk about Janay then say hey everyone go home and log on…go to her page…hit delete ..then hit are you sure you wanna delete again? I mean Meredith …Dinah.. people I used to hang with. Maybe it’s cuz I changed my number and they have not been able to contact me . Maybe they think I’m ignoring them. Lol. Yea I’m confused. Don’t think Ima add ya back when I get back either. Bammas…lol.


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