Werk Werk Werk you know I got that Werk

I’m on a Wale flow this morning! Work is crazy. I’m support 6 reps this week instead of my usual 3. Someone kill me now! I swear this one rep is scitzo(spl?) anyways she is off her knockers and I’m stressed out…The mall is open but no one is shopping..the lights are on but no one is home… the grave diggers are diggin but ain’t nobody dead.. The dvd player is on but there’s no dvd… aight I’m done. Ok just a few more

A Few Clowns Short of a Circus
A Few Fries Short of a Happy Meal
A Few Beers Short of a Six-Pack
Doesn’t Have All Her Cornflakes in One Box
The Wheel’s Spinning, But the Hamsters Dead
One Fruit Loop Shy of a Full Bowl
All Foam, No Beer
The Cheese Slid Off Her Cracker 
She Fell Out of the Stupid Tree and Hit Every Branch on the Way Down 
Elevator Doesn’t Go All the Way to the Top Floor
Her Sewing Machine’s Out of Thread
Her Antenna Doesn’t Pick Up All the Channels 
Her Belt Doesn’t Go Through All the Loops
25 cents short of a quarter.
K I’m done.
Brother Robinson asked me if I needed anything after the meeting yesterday. Makes me feel good that I’m still on at least one of the elders mind. I’m still going strong and I am not looking back. It will all be over soon. I am excited about New York though! I really want to visit Texas (Houston) in the winter. I’m setting my mind on it. I need to find another job or I won’t be able to do ANYTHING. I really want to move there but I need to count the cost. It’s only 45 min from the beach. I will def be making a action plan.

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