I am so TIRED of my name coming up man. Right when I’m feeling spiritually charged here come more rumours. This is crazy..the way people try to misconstrue the truth. SMH. Sum1 said he overheard someone saying ‘ I can’t believe she would do that with Him. AS IF I was the only person involved in the situation. As if I was after him! When the whole time he was knocking down my door FOR MONTHS! Im tired of it. Then someone saying I was after him and that I was happy he was back on the market. How can you take ” I didn’t text you because you were still married” as ” Yea I want you because you are hot and heavy and free now WTF?!?!- Nigga you were hitting MEEEEE! UP- I’m so hot right now. I am SO hot. I told him personal stuff too. But hey that’s my fault for trusting people too easy. GUARD UP AGAIN. DONT COME NEAR ME. I don’t trust any body anymore.


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