I have not written in a while just have not felt like it but I have a lot to say. Ok where to start? The convention is JUST what I needed. I feel bad saying that because we say that after each convention and things seems to never change with our personalities as we hoped for after being spiritually charged. We get back home and get right back in the same slump and way of life and eventually forget about all of the points that were given.  I’m going to try though to really keep some points at the front of my mind. The point that stuck out THE most to me was Jehovah see’s our hearts. He knows who we are more than we will ever know of ourselves. We get so downtrodden because we do not think we are worthy or that he will ever forgive us. I remember this was my problem  at first but I just want to take responsibility and stop using that as a crutch. Anyways… the brother brought out a really good point. He said we are not even capable of knowing how much Jehovah will forgive us. We can pray to Jehovah for him to convince us that he loves us. So that really stood out and I plan on praying to Jehovah for that.

:moving on: (I’m not using name- don’t want to put my friends biz in the streets) My best friends brother hit me up on facebook. He is thinking about moving with his sister. I told him I didn’t think it was such a good idea being that he really is trying to work on his spirituality and move forward. Moving with someone that ‘yea loves Jehovah’ but is still stuck in decision making is not good to be around even though I love her to death and am in the same situation I think I am moving in a different direction. If that even makes any sense. He told me that the brother that has been studying with him ask him if he could move with a young brother in our cong that has his own place. I told him to hop on it and it could be a blessing from Jehovah. He said he is just really embarrassed though because he feels like he has never had a stable home since the age of 18. I told him whether you move in with her or this guy it’s still going to be the same situation the only difference is 1 you will be encouraged  and be able to continue your studies and in the other one you won’t. He said yea yea but I’m not cool with this dude like that. I pushed back and assured him that if he put Jehovah first he would make a way and he has no idea what job opportunities might open up.  I know I may have came off senseless or unsupportive but I really want the best for him. So this is what I told him.

“Sorry I don’t have facebook on my phone so I have to check it from a pc which I’m never on. I took it of my phone because I just don’t want to be on fb like that anymore. I had deactivated it for a while. I understand where you are coming from. It can be very hard. But you have to figure out what is more important. Either way you are going to be living with someone else again that you aren’t living with right now. Just because it’s a family member does not make it any difference. There is going to come a time where we will ALL have to rely on someone else and or our brothers and sisters in the congregation. You can’t be so proud. Honestly it’s not a good move spiritually. No one down there is serving Jehovah to the fullest. I love your sister to death. That’s like my sister. But she still needs to work on her relationship with Jehovah she cannot encourage you right now. I believe that she is trying but honestly it’s ultimately your decision. If I had the choice between moving with a family member that was not going to encourage me or a stranger that was going to make sure I went to the meetings I would go with the latter. I would at least try this first and if it does not bear any fruit then go to NC. But the brothers are trying to help you out and you cannot let your pride come between a situation that is going to help you get to your meetings and out in service and allow you to continue your bible studies. Who knows what hook up someone will be able to get you as far as a job. You just never know until you try it. But that’s my 2 cents. Whatever you decide to do I’ll support it as a friend of course but I just want you to allow the brothers to look out for you that’s all.”

He hasn’t responded yet so he probably is bothered that I’m not saying “great idea!” L I know I am in a spiritually weak state but that does not mean I don’t know what is spiritually best. I hope he chooses to stay here.


:moving on:

I got my old cat mango back from Arlene. Omg I’m so stressed out. Lol. She has the nerve to be hissing at me! My little used to be baby!!! SMH L I’m sad. Oh well. Anyways I hope she warms up to me.  Her and Remmie have been hissing through the door. I picked Remmie up just to confirm I’m still likable! He still loves me J – anyways… I miss my girls I wish they would call me… (hint hint) – Byes.


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