Success- updated updated.

So I had writers block and I finally changed the poem a bit. I did not like how it flowed. So the part in red is the part I changed.

I figure -I did it once I can do it again

YES- Success is a hard thing to duplicate

Goals in which back then our close minded peers tried to eradicate

Counteracting with prayers and “please bless”

Asking God “ please give me the power of sticktoitiveness”

Being counterproductive with each sin

Cuz over time good actions become foreign

I want to turn I think into I can into I did

So that I can pour out a lil liquor for the obstacles I face

Breathe life into my limbs so that my dreams I can chase

But the bearer of good news is absent

The past does not look out for our future

It giving a “Heads up” ? Well that’s just a rumor

Last time I checked the past was the worst persecutor

It makes us do hard time in the 6×10 lessons we’re thrown into

Not learning from the lesson

We’re thrown back in- now blaming it on “god’s oppression”

Against us

Loyalty  as prevalent as rain is in a drought

Friends turned enemies savage lions roaming about

Devouring the positive and vomiting negative energy

Together the two creating a deathly synergy

They will watch you fail

Make it their 40 hr a week job

So you won’t prevail


I figure I did it once I can do it again

Yes-Success is a hard thing to duplicate

 I dream of a world where my ex’s ex isn’t friends with my other ex

In whom I was forced into a relationship with -yea my parents they flexed

Their ability to persuade

Using an opinionated crusade

That invaded my mind

Family wanting to choose my next man

Pushing my wants to the back of their minds

Help is lent in order to protect

Them not realizing it only clouds

Certain unhappiness makes them figure that out in retrospect

I’m making my own decisions immediately

Taking advice with a grain of salt

My heart I’m caressing it with delicacy

Love worked for you

But let me choose my own gate

To walk through

Let me put on my own shoes

I did it once I can do it again

Yes- Success is a hard thing to duplicate

Reality clouding the need for spirituality

The devil chasing after your soul in its entirety

I wrestle with him on a daily

Gouging and poking eyes out

Just like enemies he’s a savage lion roaming about

Begging god to give me strength

For that ill go to any length

Because I know with holy spirit he can only slay me

That is the physical me

Because god protects the soul

and lives he gives back twofold

Forever on earth we’ll be like the trees

In that the bible foresees

These are the current goals my pores now bleeds

I’m  staying on that narrow road so I will not fail

Persecution is sure to come

Unlike Jonah I’m avoiding that whale


I did it before I know I can do it again.

Yes-Success is a hard thing to duplicate

Once goals come into fruition

The next task is keeping my attention

Acting as a watchman alert

So ill thoughts can’t seep back in -covert

I plan to surround myself with the right friends

Choose my own way

And on spirituality depend

So I can be there for  “the real life” when it begins


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