Funny Story

So my friend at work was telling me about why she is so upset with her church. She was saying that a letter went out saying that the pastor and his wife needed a new car and because of health issues they also needed help with some bills. So they took up a collection. They were told not to tell any other churches or discuss this private matter within the congregation. So she was like “I have my own family to take care of and I have bills too” LOL so her mom of course that has been a member of the church ever since my friend was little of course put money in. So about a week or so later not sure… the pastors wife posted a picture of a BMW with the caption “Look what my husband bought me for my birthday” ! LOL!!!??? WHAT!!!? – I almost fell out right in the restuarant. My other friend at work that was also with us was like and why are you still going to that church?? So she was like because I grew up in it and im just not going to give any money. She was like no one can even buy a car that is better than the pastor or his wife because it’s a sign of disrespect. WHAT? That  is just crazy………I had to tell that story. Crazy that people are still giving money knowing that it’s being misused. I told them I was like well at my place of worship we give voluntarily. SMH



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  1. Wow thats sad. Shows how corrupt churches are and its sad that she is still going to the church. The pastor could have easily gotten an economic car like a Prius or Corolla but clearly that wasn’t their goal.

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