Social Networking

I wrote this poem last night in bed. I was kind of irritated at the moment because some of my friends have no culture…they think inside the box… and are exposed to little art. So I blamed it on people being so stuck to their computer screens they can’t allow their minds to breathe (Ha I should have put that in there .) . So this just came out of it.  Enjoy


Social Networking

Nowadays the times we talk are equivalent to empty calories

Beer chuggin’- bacon,cream,and everything else deep fried conversations

Leaving you unsatisfied and hungry for substance in communication and hour later

Who do I blame?

Social Networking

What happened to picking up the phone

Coming together to share company now we’re all alone

Hiding behind droids, ipads , and iphones

Sitting behind screens

Thanking this blessing in disguise, disguising the real person behind the scenes

With confidence taking a picture then crops

Uploading it to facebook an hour later no likes

So your self confidence drops

So you click a picture of fun you haven’t had in years

Turning green with envy, so called true friends have forgotten you


Face bleeds with tears

Or so you think are your true friends

Yup all 1,250 of them

You think are your true friends

Cue Ahmad

“Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again”

Back in the day Social Networking was playing in the back yard

Only a few years ago it was getting ya butt up actually handing someone ya card

What used to be tapping someone on the shoulder to get their attention

Has turned into poking someone in cyberspace this is beyond my comprehension!

What happened to letters we would treasure as a keepsake

I know this is old school I’m just trying to drive home my point

All human touch has slipped through our fingers

Parents using twitter as a babysitter

Then we wonder why our children are bullying and the bullied

No social skills , no building of character ,

So called real life problems being hidden in a thuged out gun toting fictional character

Games in which our young ones can talk to a stranger

“Hey I can come over and we can play together”

Do you realize you put you and your child in danger?

No one taking the energy or initiative to monitor open web access to mere children

We have to do better!

Back to the adults I don’t mean to digress from my thoughts

The internet should be used as a tool

Not to live our lives through a misrepresentation of what we think is cool

You’ll fade into the background

If someone remembers you well it all depends

On you

On how determined you are to add more value to your life

Use those 3 hours a day to read a book, get a hobby, workout, learn how to cook!

So maybe you can invite people over in the flesh and feed them more than

Empty Calories.


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