Creative Being

My babies called me last night, that made me so happy. Lol I know my girl had me on speakerphone so she could hear me. Lol.

I’m going to Addis Lounge tonight with my girls , I’m going to perform my poem “Last letter to men” (LLTM) I will try to record it and upload it. But here is the lyrics to my poem.

I’ve never felt this way

Maybe once but it was more like emotional foreplay

My pride won’t let me admit to love

 I don’t even know if this is love

Just last week I was writing about

What’s a nigga..eff a nigga…can’t catch me nigga

Go figga

See there I go again!

I seem to only write about men. It pains me yet I do it over and over again

But this is my last letter to them

See this is the only thing I can’t tackle

I can get a man I just don’t want a man!

Ok let me stop lying.. I want a man

I just can’t get with what it leads up to you know that this is forever man

I’m hooked on freedom and strung out on independence

But I promise my spirit isn’t

Not that this really bothers me

I just got a slight issue with monotony

More fish where that came from

You know the rest

Reel em in and set em free

I just want to be platonic

But the other part of me hides behind that

Wanting to be someone’s iconic


I walk around with a iron fist fighting for respect

But in retrospect my last man should have been my first

So into a relationship I wouldn’t have to be coerced

Causing me to temporarily live in nothing but the past

Rendering last after last mistakes

Mistakes that are of no one’s fault but my own

For in this situation as justifiable as it is

In my bed I made and rise

Don’t judge me yet

I’m still waiting for my iconic

My game changer

Someone that does not exude danger

He will make me sweat

Make me forget

Make me want to jet set through his mind

Looks me in my eyes while he simultaneously grinds

Make me his woman and myself and I his concubines

Categorize him as irresistible, insatiable, delectable

Begging him to let me keep his kisses as collectables

This poem started off prideful and ended meek

I am a firm believer that love you cannot seek

But what I will do is ball my doubts up and shoot a 3

Take my stripped heels off..


So maybe…just maybe one day

I can allow love to find me.


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