I have not really been feeling like much of anything latley. Everything is starting to soak in. I’m trying to find more things to fill up my time to no avail. I wrote all my poems out last night so I can perform them easier.

We had to evacuate yesterday to the tornado rooms in our building.. I was so scared man. I have never seen anything like what I saw yesterday. The tornado hit about 10 minutes from us and another one like 20 minutes from us ..and ANOTHER one about 15 minutes from us. SMH so it’s like we were in the middle of 3 tornadoes. I swear it looked like it was one right on top of us. I never want to see that again. We could not even see out of the windows for the wind and rain. So many trees were knocked down ah! Don’t even wanna think about it anymore. I am glad everyone is safe though. May I never get stuck in one of these!!

A tornado near Seymour, Texas
A tornado near Seymour, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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