Busy Bee

Today was cray.. really busy at work but I got alot done. I’m really looking forward to the convention tomorrow. Why I decided to go this weekend and next weekend idk. I think I may go this Sunday too so next weekend I’ll just have to go Saturday. I can’t go Saturday this weekend because I don’t want to miss my meeting and my cong is scheduled to actually go next weekend. So yep. It’s gonna suck to have to sit in my seat the whole time but oh well. I’ll bring a book with me. I may do cornrolls in my hair tonight because I show nuff don’t feel like wearing it in this poof ball on top my head. Although I could straighten it but it’s gonna be hella hot tomorrow so that would be a waste of time. Welps I’m about to leave work.. I’ma go home and clean and get a outfit ready for tomorrow.  Holla.


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