Ummmmmmmmm :/

I  am such a idiot… so I told one of my exes I turned my phone off… when I really just changed my #. So I sent him a email from work on my comcast account. When he responded I replied back with my PHONE! of course it had a little signature that says “Sent from my HTC smartphone” – So I quickly said “Oh yea I decided to keep my phone and just change my number’. I hate to have had to cut him off but some people you just don’t think straight with. In my original letter I had told him that he can contact me when he get’s himself right with Jehovah and comes clean with his life, that was the gist of the letter. My relationship with Jah is more important than getting in trouble with him every other year. He said he is tired of me cutting him off bluntly and he could have at least gotten a phone call, he’s mad but oh well. I told him there is no way I would have been able to say what I needed to say while talking to him face to face or by phone. Bottom line is I can’t live for anyone else but myself. BUT omg that was such a dumb move- I gotta stop getting caught in lies.


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