Over but only the start…

First off …remind me to get a new laptop because this little one I swear is for an ant. Anyways..the meeting went well tonight. I asked for a KM and the brother gave me one since had not been announced yet. Glad I asked before the meeting and not after! So I at least have a KM up until the end of Aug. Yay. It’s amazing the things we take for granted when they are so easily accessible to us like the KM. Anywho I told myself to be strong and I was. It made me feel good when Bro. Robinson asked me if I needed anything on the way out. It’s the small things. I cannot fathom that I am here yet again but, man have I learned my lesson again. I’m not going to mull over this every day or every post. So as usual …

Moving on:

I did not do a dag on thing at work today, tomorrow I will though. I’m excited to get my cat Mango back. I know it’s gonna kill Arlene but I appreciate her so much for taking care of her for 4 years. I hope that her and Remmie get along good together long as they don’t bring no babies up in here.. sike lol he is fixed so is she. Although I would love some Rem/Mang kitties. Welp I’ma sip this beer take everything in and rock and roll on my life starting tomorrow. Oh I found a WT study article up until OCT. My girl gave me a binder of all of them up until Sep. I don’t even remember picking it up. Woot! Good Night.


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