This was a really good weekend. I was able to spend time with my girl since I won’t see her for a while. There was alot of encouragement and it is something I really needed right now. Along with that encouragement , her husband asked me if I had any benchmarks. I never really thought about it. I mean I wanted to have goals , but I never viewed them as benchmarks to measure progress over a certain amount of time. So I told them I would come up with some spiritual benchmarks to help me along the way. Driving home this morning I ran some through my head.

Music- While flipping through the radio stations some R&B came on. Without even thinking about it I changed the channel. Even R&B can have lyrics that make it hard to deaden your body members- a thing I really need to work on and make a matter of serious prayer. I opened up my cd case for something to listen to on the 2 hour drive back to VA this morning I saw my Nicki Minaj cd. I figured my first benchmark could be getting rid of all of my questionable music. This shouldn’t be hard for me though because I love Jazz . To live off that would be ideal anyways. So yep benchmark one rid myself of questionable music

Entertainment- I’m stuck stilly on reality tv. Bad Girls Club, Atlanta Housewives, Basketball Wives, ect ect. It’s nothing but pure trash. It fills your head with wanting to have the latest and the greatest, the drama makes you upset along with all the other viewers, and the lifestyle they live is so contrary to what we are taught from the bible. Sexual exploitation, Heavy Drinking,Cursing (Tv does not even bleep out the B word anymore!), Partying, Loose Conduct, Fighting, ect ect. It puts a false view of reality in the forefront. Also my books, I have SO many books to choose from. Why do I choose to read the ones with so much sexual activity? No wonder my body is uncontrollable. Books have the most false view of sex yet the story line get’s us so involved. I will have a problem with though- it is a news source and keeps me up to date on a lot of stuff. Maybe I can just check out huffington post. It’s less urban/drama driven.

Spirituality- I really want to be in a position when I come back to jump right into service and not have to ‘work’ myself back into it. So with that said I want to keep up to date on all of the magazines meaning reading them all cover to cover. This is not going to be a over night thing but I am going to try my hardest to read all the material so I won’t miss a beat. I also want to delve into the Reasoning book and get myself acclimated with the different religions and conversation stoppers. Preparing for the parts of the meeting that I can prepare for is important to. So that’s also going to be a goal.

I really want to look back at the end of this summer as having accomplished all of the above. When I write my letter I really want to believe and stand behind 100% of everything I wrote. I will probably write my letter in September. I will keep in mind that it will probably be longer but I at least want the brothers to know where my mind set is and that I do want to come back.



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  1. Latinya Harris June 18, 2012 — 5:20 pm

    I love, love LOVE this blog!!! YOU encourage me and your benchmarks are set in motion all you gotta do is stick to them. I know you’ll be back, I can’t wait!! I love you!

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