I am not proud of the road I had to travel to get here, but today I have ‘officially’ cut off and removed myself from every single last male friendship that I have/had. I mean complete removal. My conscience is clean even if the outcome hurts. As I watch the news everyday and hear about what’s going on in this world, I do not want to be left behind when Jehovah destroys this wicked system of things. Man-kinds self-worth and respect of other humans have become repulsively opposite of what Jehovah intended things to be like when he first created us. I do not want to be a part of it. If I am not ready to date right now or get into anything serious I have made it known to my male friends -Unless it is at the kingdom hall..service..or a gathering..or with a group of friends I do not care to have conversation outside of that-. I need to dive back into my studies and really get back to being the Janay is was in 2005 and that was Stricken with ZEAL. No matter what it takes…. no matter what…it…takes…


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