1 Poem a day

I really want to improve my writing skills.. to do this I was thinking about writing at least 1 poem a day or 4 poems a week..whichever is less draining. I wrote this one today. I like it. I write best when it comes from true feelings but I really really want to hone in on creative writing and tap into something that is not on my mind or something I have not been through. Such as life experiences I have not been through or just more optimistic views. We shall see. I wrote this one today. This is not necessarily how I am feeling now.

I seem to only write about men

It pains me, yet I do it over and over again

See this is the only thing I can’t tackle

I can get a man, I just don’t want a man

I mean, let me take that back… I want a man

I just can’t get with what it leads up to

You know? That this is “forever” man

I’m hooked on freedom, strung out on independence

But don’t get me wrong I promise you ..my spirit isn’t

Not that this ‘really’ bothers me

I just got a slight issue with monotony

More fish where that came from..you know the rest

Reel em in and set em free

Can’t say I throw my line out begrudgingly

I’m not on no hoe stuff nah, I just wanna be platonic

What gets me is the, where’s this going, what this mean

Can I be your iconic?

Or hey I bet you’ll have fun on this swagger stick

You know cockiness will always make you the last pick

I carry around an iron fist

Fighting for respect

But in retrospect

My last man should have been my first

So into a relationship I wouldn’t have to be coerced

Causing me to live in nothing but the past

Rendering last after last after last mistakes

Mistakes that are of no one’s fault by my own

For in this situation as justifiable as it is

In my bed I made and rise

Don’t judge me yet

I’m still waiting for that guy deep inside that with one conversation

Can make me sweat

Make me forget

Make me wanna jet set

Through his mind

Make “me” his woman

and “myself” and “I” his concubines

Make me take this poem ball it up shoot a 3!

But until then I’ma put on my striped heels

And be my own referee.


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