It’s 10:00 and I just got to work. So yesterday me and my sister in law had a few mikes hard lemonades and decided to be sporadic. So we went to an apartment complex and snuck in their pool. I mean the pool ..I’ve been going there for like 2 years but its been in the day time so it’s not like anyone knew I didn’t live there. So this pool in particular they start cleaning it a month before Memorial Day so of course the water last night was soooo crystal clean and pretty so we jumped in! ——–only under clothes on. (we didn’t have bathing suits) so we are swimming and swimming and having a good old time.. we get out run around the pool——only under clothes on… and jump in again. So we are chilling and my sister in law  is like omg Janay look behind you! 3 cops roll up. We have to get out the pool—-practically naked and throw our towels on really quick (I think they saw some booty cheeks idk ) so they are like pointing their flashlights and stuff and asking us if we knew the pool was closed at 10 ect ect and calls were made because we were making a disturbance. So we were talking to them and I was like yall neva done anything crazy?? Yall can’t just act like this never happened? These cops were our age like 25 so I thought they would be sympathetic! LOL so he was like yea we have done crazy stuff but the difference is we have never gotten caught. So they took our socials down and names and said if the complex wanted to press charges they could and if not we were off the hook. So we are walking to the car and she has to hold the towel up while I put my dress on and the cops are just staring! I’m like geez. So one was like have yall been drinking tonight? I was like NOPE he was like aite well come do a breathalyzer so we can make sure…so I was like aite see what had happened was- I did have a mikes hard lemonade.. he said see you lying to me already! I was like well do you get drunk off a mikes hard? He was like no I said aite then! Neva do I! Lol so he was like it’s suppose to be a .80 so blow this..of course my immature tail belted out PAUSE! And started laughing –they didn’t find it funny so it has to be a .80 or lower so I blew into it and I got a .46 WHOOO!!!! I was happy so they got a call on their walkie talkies and dipped out. SO that brings me to this morning I went to the complex and begged the manager not to press charges and I told her we just had our undies on ..she said this is not the first time something like this has happened and unless we broke something or were being belligerent she was not going to press charges. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!


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