Blah Blah’s

Sooo I went and saw Avengers yesterday with my family. It was cool. Except I really neeed to stop drinking before I go to the movies. I always fall asleep. I woke up because my sister in law poked me with a straw…thanks Twyla lol. I was only sleep for maybe like 2 minutes because it was still on the same scene. I spent the night over my sisters house and came home this morning cooked and I have to get ready for valet soon. Ugh I don’t feel like it, but at least afterwards I will be able to wind down and meet up with some friends and fam for the fight. Hope I make some tips because I don’t want to spend any money, gotta save for AC. I’m so excited for our girls trip it’s going to be fuuunn!. We are staying at the Golden Nugget, Twyla,Kiya,Erin, and I. Woot woot! I have alot to say but I’m on my pc at home and the keys are so small I hate typing on this thing. So I’ll holla later. Cya!


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