Inspirational Morning Coffee

I Love this , it actually reminds me of his other motivational message “A day to make it so”.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

More than just getting by

You can do just enough to get by, but then all you get for your trouble is to stay where you already were. With a little more effort, you can make your efforts truly count for something.

As long as you’re doing the work, you might as well use the opportunity to create meaningful value. As long as you’re putting in the time, you might as well get some significant rewards from what you’re doing.

If your attitude is to just get by, you’re setting yourself up for frustration and resentment. When, on the other hand, your goal is to give your very best, even the obstacles become opportunities to move forward.

Instead of calculating how little you can get by with doing, get enthusiastic about how much you have the opportunity to accomplish. Instead of feeling trapped by your obligations, choose to feel empowered by your ability to make a difference.

There is nothing to be gained by making yourself miserable about what you must do. There’s everything to be gained by fully investing yourself in the work you’re doing.

Do yourself a big favor, and go beyond just getting by. Rise above your obligations, and transform them into opportunities for spectacular achievement.

— Ralph Marston


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