Love Never Fails- Kem

I was just talking to my coworker about the story he told behind this song at his concert. It was so touching and had me and my girls in tears. He was basically saying that he will never love like that again. They were so wrong for each other but the love kept them together then they couldn’t do it anymore. He says “Shame on you, Shame on me” because they should have realized it long before they ended it.

Love is scary. I always say to myself I want to feel that  love that I felt for my first love. I never think I will love someone ‘like’ that again because someone else cannot replace your preteen years, teenage years, and adulthood with someone.  It is just unrealistic. We were together from the age of 13-23 .That’s 11 years with someone. I do know that I will love someone as much or more but just in a different way. Me and my first love were SO right for each other but also  so so wrong for each other. They cannot be together. This song is so touching! So I want to feel a love again like that and I doubt I will ever settle down if I don’t. The love has to be different , and right. Not the type of love that is painful.

Love Never Fails lyrics

We hope and pray love will find us
And we often stay in spite
All the shame we try to hide from the pain
I hope that you love again
And I want you to understand
You’re my joy girl
My love won’t fail you now

We said our goodbyes (baby)
And you’re no longer mine (hey)
But remember one thing (hey girl)
My love for you will never fail

Have shame on you
[- From: -]
And have shame on me
Staying here for so long
When we both know it was so wrong baby
I want for you something better
And I hope you do stay forever
In my heart girl
My love won’t fail you now
But what we had would never last today baby
My love girl (yeah)
My love won’t fail you now
In my heart you’ll stay

Love never fails


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